We have many years of experience in lecturing and training, inhouse or through third party providers (e.g. Management Circle, BVL campus).

We will gladly come into your business and train your staff.

The correct VAT treatment of transactions with goods and services requires at least basic knowledge of VAT law. Incorrect decisions with regard to the place of supply, application of exemptions, determination of the party liable to account for VAT and obligatory content of VAT invoices can lead to significant material damage, that is, if a sale is incorrectly charged without VAT or the input tax is claimed from incorrect invoices.

In our training we try to raise employee awareness for your purchase, sales, accounting and logistics departments. Of course, we tailor the training to your specific needs taking into account the specific circumstances of your business (i.e. existence of foreign branches, group structure, product range, type of customers etc.). Furthermore, we hand out material, which can be used as a reference book by your employees.

We also offer trainings on current VAT developments in legislation, jurisdiction and guidelines of the tax authorities so that you are always up to date.

Our service is also offered to other tax advisors who want to update their knowledge and to train their staff. And if you would like to get a training in English, we are of course able to do that, too.

Apart from giving trainings to clients and other advisors we also work for professional training companies, such as Management Circle. Additional information on upcoming events can be found here. You will also find information on how to register for those events.

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Do you have any questions with regard to value added tax?

We are passionate specialists and provide advice with regard to any German and international VAT issues. We look forward to receiving your call.

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