Consulting services for our clients

Our consulting approach is client-centric. As a small VAT boutique we very flexible and can guarantee that the client is always in personal contact with his advisor. We are of course fluent in English and it is our own demand to present the complexities in an understandable way and to add value to your business.

You define the scope of our services which could – as an example – consist of the following:

  • Answering of specific questions, via email, telephone, or face-to-face
  • Preparation of written expertise
  • Assistance with registration and reporting requirements
  • Setting up a Tax Compliance Management System
  • Declarations (preparation and submission of preliminary VAT returns, annual VAT returns EC Sales Lists and claims for VAT refund)
  • Support in general tax audits and special VAT audits
  • Representation before tax authorities and Fiscal Courts
  • Support in a due diligence
  • Review of VAT clauses in contracts
  • Training
  • VAT checks to identify risks
  • Creation of VAT invoices, invoice checks, document archiving
  • Assistance with voluntary disclosures


Through our many years of consulting practice, we have gained experience in numerous business sectors, manufacturing as well as services. We advise of companies of all sizes, from the small car dealer to the stock listed company. Here are a few examples:

  • check if a company is in the scope of VAT (for example, holding companies, public authorities or associations)
  • Optimization of supply chains, including special VAT rules for chain transactions (for example, in the trade of food and consumer goods)
  • Application of VAT exemptions and optimization of the input VAT ratio (for example in education, health and finance, as well as in the real estate industry)
  • Evaluation of innovative business models, e.g. in the area of e-commerce (e-finance, e-health, e-gaming, e-education)
  • Determination of the VAT place of supply, e.g. in case of “supply with installation”
  • Assessment of complex services, e.g. in case of catering or event services


International trade does not only involve VAT issues but is also a matter of customs and excise duties. We cooperate with customs specialists so that we are able to provide you with an overall solution to your problems. For example:

  • Setting up VAT, customs and excise duties warehouses
  • Optimal use of Incoterms
  • Use of possibilities for exemption from import VAT
  • Applicability of simplification measures in the areas of aviation, maritime industry and offshore wind

Do you have any questions with regard to value added tax?

We are passionate specialists and provide advice with regard to any German and international VAT issues. We look forward to receiving your call.

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